Champagne Poster 5

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Artist Statement

Ahhhhh. The inspiration that comes from the simplest of places.

This is one of a collection of posters inspired during a recent trip to Oamaru, a small but exciting town on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Oamaru is known for its ‘steampunk’ vibe with many restaurants and bars capitalising on the theme.

While visiting one of these eclectic bars we were served prosecco in these wonderful traditional champagne glasses.
(champagne flutes we introduced later in the 20th century).
With my iPhone set to portrait mode>stage-light, I took some really nice shots.  These are the results. These are ‘as-shot’ on the iPhone, with just a tickle in edit mode. The glasses feel very vintage, so I took them in the glorious ‘Art-Deco’ era with the addition of some fun quotes to create a retro fun poster feeling.
So why not pour yourself a glass of your favourite bubbles and reflect on the quotes.


They can stand alone, or be collected as part of an ongoing series.

Champagne Poster 5