Life And Love Endures 2

Photographic print available on Paper or Canvas.

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Artist Statement

Bushfires are devastating. They seem to destroy almost everything in their path.

But mother nature is strong. She hides away and when the time is right, she emerges again, as strong as ever.

Even in the darkest times, when all seems lost to forces we cannot control, life endures. Springing from the most unexpected places. Love is the same.

When things seem dire and you feel unloved, be assured it is only a matter of time, when love will emerge and grow strong again.

This beautiful image, enhanced, but not manipulated, is a glorious tribute to the power of love and life.

Now, as a personal tribute to those among us who fight the destructive power of fire and, who find themselves exhausted and sometimes lifeless, I would like to show gratitude and support to those men and women. So I will share the proceeds from the sales of this picture and donate them to the rural fire services.

Life And Love Endures 2