The Insanity Of Humanity Poster

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BONUS! – Comes with a copy of an ekphrastic poem by The Artist Trebor.
See the Post here to read the poem.

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Artist Statement


Humans see beauty and grace in the natural world.

We marvel at things that for us, seem impossible to achieve or replicate.

So, in an effort to prove ourselves – to who knows who or what – we study, analyse and copy those miracles of nature.

We succeed.

But then something weird happens.
Pride and other destructive human conditions come into play.

Instead of sharing, we lay false claims to our discoveries and try to take ownership of them.

Then, when conflicts arise, we weaponise them and turn those new-found technologies against each other, ultimately destroying the world that gave them to us in the first place.


The Insanity Of Humanity Poster
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