The Musician

Fine Art Print available on Paper or Canvas.

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Artist Statement

‘The Musician’ is more of a reflection than a self-portrait. ~ Or is it?!

My Jekyll and Hyde. The work explores the influence of red wine on the creative process, perhaps having gone too far on the grog.

As artists we often get asked “Where did the idea come from?”
For many, we answer with a humble “I don’t know, it just came to me.”

But thinking about it a little deeper I realised that many of my ideas are actually spawned in the last third of a bottle of red wine (or white, or rosé or whatever…).

This work was created at a ‘music, art and drinks night’ held at the wonderfully creative space ‘Karma Collab Hub’ in Miami on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

With no idea of what I was going to produce, I thought about doing a loose portrait which evoked the feeling in the room at the time.

Success I think.

The Musician