Winged Victory 1

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Artist Statement

‘Winged Victory’ on the upper levels of Victor Emanuele II Monument. By sculptor Nicola Cantalamessa Papotti.

This is one of a collection of many statues I photographed in Roma (Rome, Italy) in 2015 which I have turned into sketches.

While some are cast in bronze and others carved in marble or granite, they all demonstrate incredible craftsmanship and a dedication to a cause or conflict.

Predating Christ in many cases, all seem to have a common theme of religion, mythology and/or powerful people, be they emperors, goddesses, angels, gods, soldiers, ecclesiastical figures, or rulers and monarchs.

Although the original images are powerful in themselves, I chose to isolate them, simplify and enhance them so they may be viewed as individual pieces of ancient history. 

They can stand alone, or be collected as part of an ongoing series.

Winged Victory 1