Acoustic Allure

This sculpture is a fully hand made, one-of-a-kind and comes with a ‘Certificate of Authentication’
as well as a copy of the ‘Artist’s Statement’.

Materials: Tailor’s Dummy, Acoustic Guitar, Vintage Hat Stand and other found objects

450mm (w) x 350mm (d) x 1500-1800mm (h)  ~  Adjustable Height

The alluring sounds of the classical guitar have, for centuries, been heard to serenade and win the hearts of lovers and suiters, in countries and cultures, many and varied.

Said to be based on the curves of the female torso, the body of the classical guitar has evolved into the form we are so familiar with today.

It is classical in both form and function.

This baroque-style representation evokes a sense of quintessential musical seduction.

Alluring. Tempting. Sensual. Sexy. Poetic. Emotive. Romantic. Beautiful.

Does this work speak to you?
Is it a sculpture you’d like to own?
Well you can. Buy it now!

Only $1,250.00*

*Free Shipping 

If you have any questions about this artwork or would like to purchase the original file, please drop me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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