Sea Jellies

Nature’s diversity flourishes in myriad ways both on land and in the sea.
That natural beauty can be friend, foe or just plain freaky.

Think of Jellyfish. Do your thoughts immediately jump to the Irukandji or Box-Jellyfish?
Then pause for a moment and realise that those are just two of the hundreds of species of Jellyfish found in the waters around Australia and, the thousands of species found worldwide.

Jellyfish developed over 500-700 million years ago and now present themselves in a multitude of shapes, colours and diversifications.

‘Sea Jellies’ are abstract expressions of that diversity. They take on a life of their own swaying and moving in the breeze as if caught in the tides and currents of the sea. 

At night they light up showing off their pseudo bioluminescence in a rainbow of colours.

Materials: Acrylic, Various Ropes, Ribbons and Cords, Fishing Tackle, Aluminium and Solar Lights.
Dimensions: 250 x 90 x 90 cm (approx) – Weight: 5 Kg each (approx)

Price: Sold individually or as a set. P.O.A.

Looking for a home, these large-scale Sea Jellies can be easily manufactured so you can own as many as you like. They come in a range of colours too. The choice is yours.

Does this work speak to you?
Would you like to own one or more of these Sea Jellies?
Well you can. Get in touch with me now!

P.O.A. (surprisingly affordable)

If you have any questions about these sculptures or would like to purchase one or more, please drop me a message and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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