Coaxing Camellia

Photographed many years ago this piece still evokes the feeling that this simple flower is trying to say something. Trying to whisper something. Maybe even trying to blow us a kiss.

Artist’s Statement

The sweet and pure beauty of the common camellia. Her soft white petals open wide, layer by layer in the warming sunlight, revealing gentle whispers from within. She sings a song in soft-scented harmony with her petaline cupping, a song not heard, but smelt. Her sweet perfume brings forth a smile on the face of her spectator as she blows a fragrant kiss.


This work is available framed or unframed and comes with a ‘Certificate of Authentication’
as well as a copy of the ‘Artist’s Statement’.

If you would like to purchase the original digital file or as an NFT
please send me a message via the ‘get in touch’ button below.

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*5″x7″ unframed print on archive quality paper, incl. shipping

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